Our Story

It all started when I lost my job

Before this endeavor, I was a quantitative researcher at a big financial company. I wrote computer programs to sift through huge piles of data and find important relationships within that data. It was a pretty cool job actually.

When the financial crisis hit, the firm dissolved my group and, like many others across the country, I was left asking what's next? So I started the daunting process of looking for a new job in the toughest job market since the Great Depression.

I found job search so impersonal

I grew tired of spending hours searching through job boards, looking for roles that might fit. I didn't like the way that jobs were posted to the world, and it was up to dumb luck to stumble upon what could be my next dream job.

And wanted to make it better

What I needed was a better tool to find jobs that fit me. Something that looked over the available universe of jobs and honed in on what I was best at.

So I took what I knew from my previous role and started looking for meaningful relationships between what I was interested in and what was out there.

It worked

In the process, I found really meaningful jobs, jobs that absolutely fascinated me.

This ultimately grew into Roletroll, a site designed to make the job market more managable and more targeted by matching your specific talents with the best jobs possible.

Start now

Whether you're actively looking for your next gig or are happily employed and just curious what's out there, we've designed Roletroll to be easy to use, giving personalized information about jobs you'll be interested in while letting you be as involved or uninvolved in the process as you'd like.

We've found there are a lot of wonderful opportunities out there when you look for them the right way. So let's go!

Adam Grealish
Roletroll co-founder